SPACE is a project that is brought from festival to festival and set up as a relaxed and calm environment in which people can seek refuge and peace. People can come and take a break from the hectic festival atmosphere in a comfortable space where there is pillows, blankets, art supplies, fruit and water. Our team act as sober space holders who can lend an ear to anyone who would like to chat.

In this space we also want to encourage an openness around the discussion of drug use. We know this can be seen as controversial, but let’s face it, in many festival environments, drugs are being experimented with. We don’t think it is helpful to ignore this fact, so we want to help people gain a better understanding on the topic and create a place where they can be educated as well as feeling comfortable talking about their experiences and asking questions.

Additionally, workshops and activities will be held in the space, including experience sharing circles, meditation, low light eye gazing,  sound healing,  laughter yoga and drum journeys.

This project aims to succeed in making the public aware of safe and responsible use of substances, informing about the  different types of drugs and what risks and benefits they hold. The Psychedelic Society of Ireland have the passion for changing the perspectives of society and breaking down the taboos surrounding substances. The aim is to create social change, encourage an open conversation about drugs and lead the way in informing people in an honest and compassionate way.

Although there is not much research data to show this, it is well known that festivals that provide drug information and create a conversation about responsible drug use are generally safer with less drug casualties.

NOTE : This project is not currently active, however if you would like to have it at your festival, please be in touch.

It is important to have this facility at all festivals in Ireland so we can create and encourage a more conscious, caring and compassionate atmosphere for the festival community! This project is voluntarily run and completely non-funded. If you would like to support this project, please click the ‘Become a Supporter’ page and make a once off or continuous donation. Thank you!